Simon Burrows
Computer Science Major - Economics Minor - Web Assistant





My name is Simon Burrows. I am a computer science major at Allegheny College who is interested in working in the field of technology for a career, although my path and eventual destination is still widely unknown.

My past experiences in the field of technology include knowing how to build computers, knowing how to troubleshoot many types of software, working as an intern for an in home IT service, and as a data analyst intern at VisualDx. I currently work as a web assistant at Allegheny College where I maintain the school's website.


Once I graduate from Allegheny with my bachelor's in Computer Science, I intend to work in the technology industry for a few years before returning to graduate school. I have always enjoyed learning new subjects, so being able to delve deeply into a subject I care about in graduate school is very appealing to me.

My current hope is to work more with either data analytics, web development, or system administration. As an economics minor, I am very interested in business and as such would like to be involved with business in some way. I hope one day to be able to help develop some analystics or program that substantially helps out an employer, so that I know my contributions are appreciated.

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